Existing Export Advice

Today over 80% of the world’s purchasing power is located outside of our borders. Yet 58% of U.S. Exporters exports to a single market-usually Canada or Mexico. Expanding to multiple markets is a straight forward way for Tennessee businesses to grow their bottom lines.

Our Globally Certified Business Professionals will help you expand your global presence by working directly with you one-on-one assisting your staff:

  • Research potential new markets
  • Obtain useful information on best prospects
  • Analyze foreign competitors.
  • Secure Export Working Capital Loan
  • Secure new customers by extending competitive payment terms
  • Enter new markets by offering financing support to your new international buyer.

Just request your first counseling session and our team of Globally Certified Business Professionals will assist your business in expanding its global presence.

Need Advising?

Our free business advising services provide the convenience of a local adviser in your area. We can help you explore your business idea or talk about your existing business and the issues you may be facing. We want to be with you for the life of your business and see you grow and succeed.